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Support the Australian BPD Foundation to “Increase Medicare-funded visits for BPD and other complex mental health conditions”. The most effective and lasting treatment for BPD is at least one year of regular visits with a qualified mental health professional but the Medicare-funded Better Access to Mental Health Professionals initiative can only fund up to […]

What’s the recipe to good management of BPD?

One of the myths about BPD is that it is untreatable, but the latest research shows evidence-based treatments are highly effective and improving.


Awareness of mental health issues and receiving the correct diagnosis allows beginning the process to seek appropriate information and support. From here on, greater insight into BPD leads to understanding the […]

It’s time to smash taboo and talk about BPD

The common symptoms of BPD mimic or overlap those of other mental illnesses – and, as is the case with any mental illness, those with BPD may even have one or more related conditions.

The co-existence of mental illnesses with BPD affects the course of BPD. Although more acute crises need to be treated first […]

Know mental health. No stigma.

It’s time to smash taboo and talk about BPD.

Borderline personality disorder is one of the most stigmatising mental disorder – not only among the public, but also among mental health professionals.

But with the theme for this year’s BPD Awareness Week is “Know BPD. No Stigma.”, we’re being encouraged to bust some […]

Children’s Books

Children’s Books

My Happy Sad Mummy by Michelle Vasiliu (2014) – Preschool

Author Michelle Vasiliu draws from her own experience of bipolar disorder, cleverly and humorously portraying the emotional roller coaster of this illness, as a young child might perceive it and how through these difficulties, the bond of love between mother and child remains […]