Resources for clients

Find links below to fact sheets, work sheets, videos, guides and others tools to provide to people with BPD diagnosis or symptoms. Some of these resources are focused on BPD, whereas some are non-specified to people living with a mental illness.


Therapy Aid shares worksheets, videos, guides, and other tools to aid mental health professionals in the course of their work. Resources are categorised by treatment focus and approach.

Children of Parents with Mental Illness/Emerging Minds Use the resource library to find worksheets, articles, information sheets, booklets, kits and websites for parents and families, children and professionals who support them and other groups. Download English materials and translated resources to work with family members, their supporters and other services who work with them.

Print the Information Booklet for Families and Other Carers as an introductory handout. This resource was developed by the Private Mental Health Consumer Carer Network (Australia).

Orygen offers introductory training modules for families and friends of young people with BPD.

Download information packages, worksheets and activities for people with a mental illness from Centre for Clinical Interventions. If you are a mental health practitioner or a doctor, you may find some of these resources useful in supporting your cognitive behaviour approaches to psychological interventions.

For purchase

Project Air Strategy has training DVDs, therapy cards and posters for working with people with a personality disorder, their family, partners and carers and parents with a personality disorder.

Understanding and treating BPD: A guide for professionals and families