Programs and support

Find links to training programs, events and support for families, friends and carers of people diagnosed with BPD on this page.

BPD Awareness ACT holds monthly support group in the ACT on Mondays for loved ones of people with BPD. The support group is based on the principles of DBT to ensure the group is a safe, nonjudgmental and positive place in which to seek support and learning from others who share a similar journey. The aim of the group is to reduce isolation and discredit the stigma against those with BPD and their families. For updated information, see the News and Events page.

Carers ACT runs various training events for mental health carers in the ACT. Training topic ranges in self-care, mental health first aid for the suicidal person, keeping families connected, DBT distress tolerance skills, DBT interpersonal skills, etc. Click here to register to an upcoming event or join a support group.

headspace Canberra runs a range of programs throughout the year. These programs focuses on a range of areas primarily for family and friends of young people. For more information keep an eye on their Facebook or contact reception on 6201 5343.

Orygen is the National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health that provides access to a range of online training modules for families and carers of young people with mental health issues. These modules are accessible any time and any where. The introductory training modules are FREE to provide a short overview of the latest approaches to mental health issues.

McLean Hospital is the largest psychiatric teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School which launched the Borderline Personality Disorder Patient and Family Education Initiative to provide interactive and on-demand resources to support individuals and families affected by BPD. The webinar series is led by clinician with an array of information specific to living with and helping someone with BPD. You can access past webinars and register for upcoming webinars.

Wellways runs peer-led education programs in Canberra: Building a Future and Duo for family members of people experiencing mental health issues, connecting them with peers while helping them gain knowledge about mental health.

SANE Australia invites all those with lived experience of mental illness and their families, friends and carers to join a safe, anonymous online community forum to support each other and share their experiences. These forums are moderated 24/7 by mental health professionals.

Out of the Fog welcomes all people in a relationships with a family member, spouse or partner who suffers from a personality disorder to share their experiences in an online community forum.