Resources for family, friends and carers

Mental Health Carers Australia provides links to resources for government support, health and wellbeing for carers.

Orygen – Caring for a young person with BPD: Information for family and friends an online training module to help further understanding of BPD.

Family Connections Program – 12-week program available in Canberra.

Useful links specific to BPD

Australian BPD Foundation Ltd.

BPD Australia (National Education Alliance for BPD)

ACT Counselling

BPD Awareness ACT

DBT Canberra

BPD in South Australia

BPD Awareness (Australia)

Spectrum BPD

Project Air Strategy

BPD Central

National Alliance on Mental Illness

BPD Family


Mind UK

Very Well

Borderline Personality Treatment

National Institute of Mental Health

Science Daily