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Know BPD. No Stigma.

We understand that BPD is not just a label and more than a diagnosis. That’s why we are here to support those with BPD symptoms, so there is less focus on the condition and more on every individual being themselves. We’re here to help create a positive environment for those diagnosed or labelled with having BPD, loved ones of people with BPD and service providers working with BPD in the ACT.

Learn about BPD

With symptoms including intense emotions, self-harm and difficulties with interpersonal relationships, we know BPD can leave you distressed and isolated. Learning about your condition can be the first step towards getting better.

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The road to BPD recovery

Living with BPD can be a challenge, with the right information, treatment and commitment it is possible to successfully control the symptoms.

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Helping a loved one and helping yourself

If you’re worried that a family member or friend is unwell with BPD and you want to know more about the symptoms, diagnosis and ways you can help at home, work or school as well as taking care of yourself.

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Effective and empathetic care

If you are a service provider in the mental health field or not, and you want to know what you can do to provide quality and informed care for people with BPD in the ACT.

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