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“One of the most important things you can do on this earth is to let people know they are not alone.”  ― Shannon L. Alder

The great thing about following blogs is that you can leave comments on entries and articles and interact with the author and other readers. You can raise questions about medication, therapy and dealing with friends and family. This gives you a chance to share your story and help others too. Before you know it, you’ve found yourself a network of friends and supporters who can help you come into terms with your condition while giving you strength during tough times.

Below is a list of blogs written by people with BPD. The bloggers come from different backgrounds and share their diverse stories about their challenges and progress with managing their condition and the common aim of creating a more positive and accurate online depiction of BPD. All these personal stories are unique, entertaining and informative.

Borderline Babble

This blog is written by a 21-year-old female from London, UK who writes about her recovery journey with Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing and other psychotherapies. Read her blog to follow the ups and downs she experiences with BPD, complex-PTSD and depersonalisation disorder whilst being a psychology student and mental health advocate.

Healing from BPD

Debbie is a blogger from California, US who is now a BPD survivor. She is so committed to DBT that she now co-facilitates online DBT classes and has written books about her BPD recovery. Read her blog and watch her videos for tips and advice about dealing with BPD symptoms.

BPD Pieces of me

This blog has articles contributed by 7 writers who all have lived experience of BPD. They each have a unique voice and are all dedicated to providing education and support for individuals, families, friends, and providers living with BPD. Their vision is for all person’s with BPD to have online access and support to mental health and wellness programs. Guest writers are also welcomed to share their stories on this blog.

I’m NOT Disordered

This blog is written by a 26 year old Aimee from the UK currently on a BPD recovery journey. Her blog is aimed to raise awareness and improve education of mental health difficulties, especially of inpatient services, and reduce stigma. She also has a series chatting to the Police on their efforts to improve mental health related experiences that involve their service. Follow the recovery and advocacy blog about BPD.

Life in a Bind – BPD and Me

This blog is written by a young working mother in Australia dealing with BPD and Generalised Anxiety Disorder. She found comfort and support from reading other BPD blogs so started her own blog as a part of her recovery as well as connecting with other people. Follow her therapy journey, struggles, triumphs and insights about BPD.

Talking about BPD & Mental Health

Rosie is a UK blogger who’s struggled with BPD for several years. She shares her insights about treatments and how important it is to accept yourself and your diagnosis. Visit her blog to find useful articles for dealing with anxiety issues, eating disorders, the stigma that often accompanies BPD and her drawings linked to her experiences of mental health and illness.

Sunny Spells & Scattered Showers

Fiona is a 30(ish) blogger and vlogger from Ireland with a supportive family, friends, work and BPD. She writes about keeping anxiety, depression and BPD under control from the many strategies and treatments she has received. Her blog also includes sections for blog entry submissions from others with BPD and from their partners. Follow her journey towards a fulfilling life.

Being Borderline with Sonia Neale

Sonia is a Western Australian blogger who was diagnosed with BPD and awarded the SANE Australia Inaugural Hocking Fellowship to study and research BPD overseas. She is also an author and works as a peer support worker in mental health. Read her blog about the process from diagnosis to recovery.

My BPD Story

This blog is written by a late-twenties female from the UK who shares her triumphs and struggles of family life as a mother, holding a job and dealing with BPD symptoms from skills she has learned from DBT. Follow her fight against the stereotype of the BPD label and developing her own self.

Amy’s boarderline world

Amy is a 30-year old mother from the UK who blogs about being brave and hopeful about BPD. She also shares her experiences with anorexia, anxiety and depression and provides tips for self-development. Read her stories about managing her mental health issues from intensive treatment to yoga and art.

Charlotte Farhan Art – Creating Change

Charlotte is an artist and co-founder of Art Saves Lives International and is based in the UK. She incorporates her experiences with BPD with art and poetry as method to challenge stigma and educate. She also blogs about her struggles with complex-PTSD, psychotic depression and a range of other mental and physical illnesses. Follow her journey of progressively dealing with illnesses through integrative therapies.

Embracing BPD

Carissa is a blogger in her late twenties based in Melbourne who details about her experiences living with PTSD and BPD.

Borderline Mama

S.K. Bosak writes an extensive mental health and lifestyle blog focused on BPD and motherhood. Due to her blog’s wide reach, Bosak has been able to conduct a survey about the relation between hormonal changes and BPD symptoms. Read the blog posts to find a variety of informative, opinionative and personal blogs about recovery, family life, social environments and self-discovery.

Sloth Speed Recovery

MJ aims to create a positive, safe and extensive blog relating to mental health and illness and offering advice to recover. She mainly writes about BPD but also offers help with depression, anxiety, body-focused repetitive behaviours and eating disorders to those recovering and their loved ones. Follow MJ’s personal blogs and discussion article entries towards recovery.

BreakAway MHE – Connecting warriors of BPD

Pete Miller, MR. R. Psych, 42, is co-founder of, and has been on both sides of the desk. As a mental health professional, he’s worked with and treated clients with BPD. He’s also been one of them.

League Unlimited

This is not a blog but rather a discussion forum started by Patrick who describes the negatives and positives of living with BPD in Australia. He regularly checks in to respond to questions and comments, and shares tips about managing BPD symptoms.

Infinite Sadness… or hope?

Cate is from Christchurch, NZ and has written an autobiographical book and blogs about BPD. She initially believed BPD was treatment resistant but now shares her journey of hope and learning to live with BPD and fibromyalgia while dealing with family, social and work issues. Read Cate’s blog about her version of BPD and her management strategies.

Borderline Blog

This blog account belongs to a male in his late 30s from Florida, US. He writes about managing both BPD and Type 1 Diabetes whilst balancing work, maintaining friend and family relationships and overcoming anxiety of exercise. He aims for his blog to be an outlet to share information and his experiences to help others like himself. Read his blog entries to see his use of learned DBT skills in managing negative feelings and moving forward.

BPD No More

Dee Chan is from Toronto, Canada and is a blogger and life coach for people with BPD. She was diagnosed with BPD 35 years ago and is now a long-term survivor sharing her knowledge and experiences to help all those with BPD to change the way of seeing the world. Visit her extensive blog to learn to live life to the fullest through the practice of gratitude and self-acceptance.

Me, Myself and My BPD

Athina is a new blogger in her late twenties who wishes to share her personal struggles with BPD in the hope that her writing inspires and encourages others like herself that no one is alone in their mental health journey.

BreakAway MHE – Connecting Warriors of BPD

This blog was created to promote an improved understanding of mental health. It is tailored specifically to support those suffering with Borderline Personality Disorder, although may also be useful for anyone seeking assistance with a range of other common mental health conditions.

Inside the Borderline

Vickie blogs openly about how to cope with BPD, and raises awareness to encourage others to take BPD and other mental illnesses seriously to combat stigma.

The Borderline Boss

This blog is written by a mother, and manager sharing her daily struggle with BPD, Agoraphobia, and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

BPD Balance

Jade writes about living with BPD and gives individual and family coaching programs for people with BPD, focusing on the use of DBT skills in daily life.